Bohemian Beverage Company is a beer and libations think tank and hatchery.

We produce our own industry-disrupting potables while lending our brewing and branding services to like minded creators.

Why we’re here

We’re fueled by the beverage market’s constant innovation.

Our team of industry experts is always scanning for unchartered waters, allowing us to sit at the forefront of trends and developments. Ultimately, we’re a passionate crew who wants to deliver high quality products to human beings everywhere.

What we do

We brew and we brand.

What started as Back Bay Brewing Company rapidly expanded to include The Farmhouse, Bohemian Spirits, and Crunchy Cocktails. After realizing how effective our innovative formula for libation-making really was, we invited others in. We still brew—and mix—our own stuff, but we have the room and creativity to do the same for other brands still finding their footing.